Security and confidentiality


We have a wired intranet in order to exclude any intrusion by WIFI. Our virtual-machine server is protected by a login and password and by a firewall between the network and Internet. We also have an external backup system and the archiving transfer is secured by three security blocks: login, password and data encryption. The archives, antivirus and antispam software are managed by our IT services provider, with all necessary guarantees, and are updated automatically online.

As an alternative to sending files by email, we use a secure extranet FTP protected by password, login and data encryption. We have always systematically complied with our customers’ various regulations and procedures.


Our confidentiality commitment precludes the divulging of information that may come our way, for professional purposes. This concerns all business, scientific, legal, sensitive or confidential information.

All of our employees are bound to the same confidentiality commitment, as are our subcontractors. Our long-standing partnerships with important institutional customers obviously depend on mutual trust.

Regular customers