The company

Company vs agency

We claim our status as a “company“. Unlike an agency, which subcontracts all its orders and only acts as an intermediary between the service provider and the client, a company brings real added value : we have an internal team capable of absorbing sudden peaks in workload, managing impromptu requests with great responsiveness, ensuring terminological cohesion over the long term and mastering large-scale projects.

This feature has enabled us to win several contracts.

Where an agency will draw randomly from a CV portfolio (without any proof of the authenticity of the skills of those issuing them), we consider the use of external collaborators as an extension of our own skills: we only work with people we know, whose rigour and reliability have been validated by several years of joint work.

Our team is therefore made up of experienced people who are used to working together, sharing the same translation memory and the same concept of the profession: so many guarantees of meeting our clients’ requirements for consistency, quality and responsiveness.

trades and competencies

Our trades

Several translators (written service) of Coup de Puce Expansion are also interpreters (oral service): the fact of working together, within the framework of interpretation missions, the actors of a project, makes it possible to validate the concepts and the lexical units reinvested thereafter in the translations. The team’s English-speaking translators also provide copy editing services. Finally, we offer transcription services for audio or video content, and transcreation (translation of advertising or promotional messages).


Our working languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, processed internally, and Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, entrusted to our external collaborators. Our team relies on professionals who have demonstrated their reliability and rigour. The quality requirements and procedures followed by our external collaborators are identical to those in force internally.

Our internal team is composed of 14 employees and/or associates of the company, translators, revisers, all working exclusively into their mother tongue, and integrates a terminology/knowledge engineering pole with a terminology specialist and a knowledge management specialist.

Terminology and KM

The Terminology/KM cluster is involved in knowledge management and creation projects (Wiki or community portals) and terminology resources aimed at optimizing documentary search, indexing and categorization systems. We also intervene in the field of modelling and the transfer of business knowledge (within the framework of departures or job changes, for example).
Coup de Puce Expansion Toulouse

Interaction, coherence and optimization

Our online multilingual terminology forum, Aplikaterm (registered trademark of Joliciel Informatique), allows a fast and secure exchange with the client and the immediate distribution of terminology choices to the authors concerned as well as to members of the translation team. Aplikaterm also enables our clients to make the most of terminology validation work by exporting glossaries to Word or Excel files. Translations validated by the client are used, with the client’s authorization, to enrich a translation memory specific to each client under SDL Trados Studio 2017© shared between our translators. These processes not only ensure stylistic and terminological consistency of translations over the long term, but also offer savings to the client based on the results of redundancy analyses.

Selection of new translators

In order to complete our skills and/or on specific projects, we sometimes use external translators. The selection of new external collaborators involves an initial translation test, subject to validation by in-house translators. If this first test is conclusive, the translator is temporarily integrated into the team, and his work is thoroughly checked during the proofreading phase until the group of validating translators considers that he is fit to join the team.
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