Revision/editing/rereading in English

We revise about 150, 300-word pages per month for various customers (Toulouse Business School, ANSES, Institut de physique du globe, INRA, universities, among others).

These are articles written in English and generally intended for publication in specialised journals or on Internet, which we reread to correct any mistakes in spelling and syntax, while improving the style as much as possible.

The reviser

As with our translations, if the reviser has not been able to validate critical points with the author, he/she delivers a draft document with comments to the author before finalising.

The changes made to the text are tracked so that the author can instantly see the corrections that have been made.

The reviser’s contribution is limited to improving the language and clarity of an article, if such be the case. The reviser may on no account be held liable for the scientific content or argument, which are the sole responsibility of the authors.

Translation quality

We reserve the right to increase the quotation if, when doing the rereading, it seems apparent that the French text has been translated by an automatic translating package, or if the author of the English text does not have a sufficient command of English.